Our goal was to make a quality hockey puck right here in the USA. Not only were we able to do it, but we also did it while becoming the most affordable hockey puck on the market today. Buying hockey pucks use to break the bank and now for the first time, you can buy affordable hockey pucks proudly made in the USA. Why buy an imported hockey puck at higher prices when you can buy American?

If you love hockey as much as we do, you can see how much the game has evolved. When you give better tools to athletes the game develops into a finely tuned machine. Every hockey equipment company tries to develop the best new Hockey stick, Skate or Glove but never the one piece of equipment everyone needs... the Puck! That's where we came in.

We pushed the look, feel and limits of what a hockey puck could and should be. With the latest tech and formulas, we developed a better hockey puck plain and simple. Our hockey pucks have the best knurl gripping power, less bounce, and more durability than any other hockey pucks out there. American Hockey Puck Co. will bring you and the game to its highest potential.